Brooklynn Kascel

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Work Experience

Staff Photographer

The Daily Iowan, Iowa City, IA                                                                                  March 2015- December 2016

       Covering sports, theatrical performances and concerts throughout the state of Iowa

       Documenting political rallies, events, meetings and protests during the 2016 election season

       Traveling to various locations in pursuit of a story

       Attending weekly meetings and critiques

       Pitching long-form stories

       Editing and submitting photos under deadline with appropriate cut-lines

       Navigating large crowds and high security events

       Converting images for web content and print for the following day


Assistant Photo Editor                                                                     

The Daily Iowan, Iowa City, IA                                                                                 August 2016- December 2016                                                                                           

       Attending weekly meetings with writers on behalf of the photography staff

       Converging between Metro and Photography sections of the newspaper

       Pitching story ideas to fellow staff members

       Responsible for visual representation of every Metro story running in print for the following day


Archiving, Dark Room Production and Field Work Assistant

Danny Wilcox Frazier of VII Photo, Iowa City, IA                                                         June 2016-November 2017


       Maintaining and organizing project archives

       Developing 35mm and 120mm black and white film with proficiency

       Constructing work prints from film negatives

       Assisting with field work on assignment for national and international publications

       Aiding with mobile field lighting techniques

       Responsible for high resolution film scanning and digital processing



The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA                                                                                      May 2016

       Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism

       Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology